As published in Business Mirror January 22, 2020

Written by Roderick Abad

A NEW player in the resurging hospitality scene of Boracay has opened its doors to both local and international guests who are on the lookout for a place that provides a new kind of experience— at a reasonable cost—at the world-renowned beach destination, which is popular for its powdery white sand and crystal blue waters.

Strategically seated on a prime lot at Station 1, Citic Hotel Boracay is a four-star property that boasts of exclusivity yet very accessible to interesting sites within the tropical island and even responsible enough to its surrounding environment, as well as the communities it supports.

While the resort has just had its soft launch in October 2019, it has already enjoyed a positive market reception initially with only two of its three buildings operating and some finishing touches on the entire facility.

“So by January of this year, we’re expecting the hotel will be fully operational,” said Rose Brillantes-Gabas, managing director of Citic Hotel Boracay.

With its full blast premier this month, the top executive, along with the rest of her team, is bullish on their success to offer guests with an “attraction within one of the world’s best island destinations,” while continuously giving them more reasons to smile and feel happy every single day of their stay at the hotel.

Premium accommodation, amenities

SINCE customers’ comfort and pleasure are always on top of its priorities, Citic Hotel Boracay is designed with modern architecture and features to make each one of them have comfort and, at the same time, fun while billeting at the resort.

Upon entering the gated and well-secured property, guests are welcomed by the staff at the lobby on their way to the reception area. Either booked or walk-in, receptionists attend to them and process their immediate check in.

For their accommodation, they may choose to stay in any of the 339 spacious and well-appointed rooms categorize as superior, with an area of 35 square meters; deluxe, 37 sq m; premier deluxe, 35 sq m; premier deluxe with pool access, 34 sq m; and premier suite, 55 sq m.

“We promise more space, comfort and, at the same time, your space will allow you to do something more,” noted Jeoff Solas, public relations (PR) and marketing manager of Citic Hotel Boracay.

Amenity-wise, there are kiddie, lap and infinity pools that staying patrons can swim or laze around. They are filled with colorful inflatables—Instagrammable enough to take selfies. Besides its prominent structures, the exterior beams at night with multicolored lights, thus, making it recognizable with its rainbow-like hues even in the dark.

Foodies among the guests will not end up of gastronomic options prepared by master chefs at the four dining facilities that serve both local and international cuisines. After a hearty meal, clients, especially the health and fitness buffs, may flex some muscles and burn calories at the gym. Another option is to take a brisk walk for less than three minutes to the fine white sand of the beach.

Connectivity is never a problem within the resort given its robust Wi-fi provision. Either at the comfort of their rooms, lobby or any parts of the hotel, they can check their e-mails, log in to their social network accounts, or simply browse the Internet anytime they want.

Such top-notch amenities, indeed, make Citic Hotel Boracay ideal for every customer who requires quality time either with their loved ones, friends, colleagues or just by their lonesome.

Sustainable practices

MORE than the business, the property owner conscientiously runs it with a heart. Even if guests’ privacy is a primary concern, the hotel never fails to be inclusive inso far as the nature and local communities are concerned. Thanks to its seasoned hoteliers and local employees, who work together not only to give quality service to the customers, but also fulfill its commitment for more responsible and sustainable tourism.

In close partnership with communities and their respective leaders, the hotel management provides more experiential activities to the guests. In so doing, they are invited to get involve in the sustainable tourism initiatives by joining the morning fitness rituals on the beachfront and the regular cleanup drive of the island.

For a more meaningful and memorable stay at the Citic Hotel Boracay, they are also enjoined in immersion activities like the so-called CoolToura, a one-of-a-kind revelry that showcases and highlights the vast Filipino culture with variety of multi-racial influences. The resort has tapped local groups and personalities to get brilliant talents and suppliers to support its programs empowering surrounding communities.

To offer livelihood opportunities, the hotel outsources from local farmers herbs and fruits as ingredients for the healthy menu being offered at its dining facilities. What’s more, the island’s residents are given employment. In fact, they comprise around 80 percent of its total manpower.

“We are also supporting persons with disabilities [PWD],” Gabas said, while citing their linen and mini bar attendant who has an eye defect. “She’s really doing good. So we’re planning to hire more PWDs since Citic is inclusive for all.

“Citic is not also like a blessing to those people who were displaced by the six-month closure of Boracay in 2018, especially to the locals, because they [the management] are also looking at the skills and expertise regardless of gender and sexuality,” Solas added.

According to the PR and marketing manager, supporting environmental initiatives, providing livelihood opportunities to locals and even promoting culture to the guests are very important for all hotel players in the island.

“Boracay is the preferred destination of both local and foreign tourists; it has a very critical role in promoting other regions of the country. If we do it correctly here, then they will be more interested to travel more within the country,” he stressed.

Citic Hotel Boracay forms part of the of All Link Hotel and Resorts Group Ltd. Inc. that currently invests in realty and hotels. The parent company will soon develop more accommodation facilities in Metro Manila and Central Luzon with the Citic Hotel brand.


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